Advanced Custom Fields Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin v.6.1.5


Advanced Custom Fields Pro – Premium WordPress Plugin v.6.1.5

* Enhancement – Creating a new field group from the post-save actions for a post type or taxonomy will automatically populate the field group title
* Enhancement – Empty values in list tables now display as a dash, rather than blank
* Enhancement – The `Generate PHP` export tool for field groups now displays the code wrapped in the `acf/include_fields` action hook to match the recommended way of using `acf_add_local_field_group`, and the code is formatted correctly
* Enhancement – Post count and Term count values in list tables now link through to the matching posts or terms
* Enhancement – Added post-save actions to post type and taxonomies to create another
* Enhancement – Selecting existing taxonomies when registering a Custom Post Type is now available in the Basic settings section rather than Advanced
* Fix – `Exclude From Search` setting for custom post types now behaves correctly
* Fix – Duplicating fields with sub fields no longer results in JS errors
* Fix – Select2 field settings now render correctly when duplicating fields
* Fix – Checkbox fields allowing custom values which use integer keys can now be updated over the REST API
* Fix – Using the `No Permalink` rewrite setting for post type will no longer generate PHP warnings
* Fix – The `minimum rows not met` validation message for the Repeater field type now correctly states the minimum rows are not met
* Fix – The Range field type no longer cuts off three digit values
* Fix – `Created on` and `Delete Field Group` now correctly only appear on the Group Settings tab of a field group
* Fix – Padding for field settings tabs is now correct

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