3 Free seo tools for website

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3 Free SEO tools for website

There are many tools in the SEO market. Some are better known and some are less, there are many advantages to using tools because they can save you a lot of time, and time as you know is worth money.

About a year ago I wrote the most extensive post on this blog of over 120 SEO tools and still, there are a lot of SEO tools on the market even though this is an updated post.

A list of digital marketing tools that will streamline your work and help you obtain information easily in any field – SEO tools, campaign management, activity in social networks, improving the conversion rate, and more.

Website promotion is a complex process, and no matter how smart and experienced we are, it is difficult or even impossible to do quality website promotion without the appropriate tools. For the promotion to bear fruit and bring traffic to the website, we need to work according to a clear strategy, and not rely on our gut feelings.

Any change in our strategy can be the difference between a first place in Google’s results pages and tenth place.

To build a correct strategy that delivers results, and also to implement it, we need tools that can do what we don’t.

Free SEO tools for websites Tools that analyze user behavior, tools that collect intelligence on competitors, tools that point us to the keywords we should promote.

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I will review 4 web Free SEO tools for websites that will give you a competitive advantage.

The tools in the guide will help you understand where you stand in the Google search results, and what you need to do to improve the situation.

With the right tools and the knowledge they will provide for you, you will be able to make more accurate decisions and invest energy and resources in a focused and effective way, instead of just working according to what just feels right to you.


In case you are not familiar with MOZ – it is one of the largest SAAS (software as a service) companies in the SEO world.

In addition to its software, MOZ also operates an excellent website and blog on the topic of organic promotion, and chances are you have already come across an article or study from it more than once.

Moz is a great source of knowledge, but we’re not here to talk about that, but the nothing less than an amazing suite of tools it offers for web developers.

Unique abilities and benefits

MOZ’s software has many advantages and provides quality tools, and in my opinion, this is also its advantage.

Since this is not a guide on Moz’s tool but only an overview, I will focus on some of the most important and essential capabilities of Moz.

For a start, you will find here a keyword research tool that will help you build a strategy for promoting your website.

Moz’s word research tool is convenient and very accurate and is considered one of the best in the field.

Beyond MOZ’s keyword research, they also analyze your website and provide you with information about it, in addition to researching your competitors’ websites.

After opening a project in Moz’s tool, it will scan your website and return to you with important data and interesting insights, including:

Your website’s external links profile

The position of your site in the results pages of the keywords you promote on the site
List practical steps (optimization) that you need to do on each and every page of your website to improve the SEO ranking of those pages MOZ’s competitor research tool will check what your competitors are doing right, so you can do it better beat them in the search results.

For example, the tool will show you which keywords the competitors rank highly for, and accordingly, you can focus your efforts on these phrases (or rather not choose them) and leave them behind.

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And in case you are freaks of graphs and data visualization, this is the perfect tool for you. You will receive such beautiful information reports that your clients will be sure that you are doing a much more impressive and interesting job than you actually do.

However, and a little to cool the enthusiasm – there are also free word research tools that will do the job, and in my eyes, this is not the reason to choose Moz.

So why choose her? The competitive advantage you will get from Moz is the valuable time, confusion, and headaches you will save from jumping between several different programs and tools.

Moz’s tools bundle, combined with Google’s organic promotion tools (Search Console and Google Analytics), is more or less all you need to do quality and professional SEO.

How much does it cost?

MOZ is a one-stop shop for organic promotion. She brings together many different abilities and she is quite good at all of them. This is what also makes it the first choice of organic promotion professionals who do not like to work with several different tools.

The prices start from $99 per month and reach $599 per month when with annual billing the prices drop to $79 per month and $479 per month respectively.

True, not cheap, but if you are an organic promoter who takes yourself seriously (and you have clients).




The Ahrefs tool is one of the favorite tools of SEO promoters, and it’s not just on my list, because it’s also one of my favorites.

Why is he so popular? In my opinion, mainly because it does the most thorough job in terms of web crawling your competitors.

Unique abilities and benefits

The Ahrefs Free SEO tools for websites are not the ideal tool for beginners and are mainly aimed at a professional audience of SEO people who know what they are doing.

This is expressed in the fact that its great advantages are its level of thoroughness in scanning competitor websites and the entire network and also in the level of depth to which the tool reaches. But it doesn’t end there, it is also expressed in the tool’s interface, which is far from friendly to the average user.

That doesn’t mean he’s uncomfortable, really not.

The intention is that its interface is more similar to one that programmers will get along with than to the interface of a fun application that is intended for anyone who will just agree to download it.

The main advantages are that Ahrefs knows how to dig very deep.

The tool’s bots scan the web in order to build your website’s external link profile.

Those bots will do an equally amazing job in researching your competitors’ sites and crawling your site. Some say that Ahrefs’ bots are at the same level as Google’s bots – they provide lots and lots of data, which is also what can deter novice promoters.

What is important to say is that even though here you will get a lot of different features and capabilities, this tool is different from Moz who provides us with (almost) everything and at a pretty good quality level.

Ahrefs’ great tools are really, really great, but with them also come fewer good tools.

I lack features such as helpful suggestions for site-wide optimizations and a convenient platform for continuous management of the keywords that are being promoted.

For professional and advanced organic promoters it may be less critical, but for beginners who want a smooth entry, it can be a disadvantage.

How much does it cost?

A website promotion tool for advanced people who want to dig deeper and know more, those who know how to translate data into success. This tool is also far from cheap, but as you already understood, the value is tremendous.

Pricing here ranges from $99 for a single user and up to 5 projects (websites) to $999 per month for an agency with 5 users and 100 projects.

With annual billing, the prices drop to $82 and $832 respectively.



Those who come to Semrush usually do so for the tool’s superior trend and keyword research capabilities. In practice, this is an excellent additional option for those looking for a perfect set of tools for a web developer.

Unique abilities and benefits

Let’s start with the main advantage that Semrush has over competing for tools – in-depth keyword research that will help you build an effective promotion strategy. In Smarash’s tool, enter your URL (or your competitor’s) and the tool will do the work for you. The amazing thing is that Semrush will automatically identify dominant keywords with high search volume that are relevant to your site.

One of the Best Free SEO tools for website

Beyond that, her tool will provide you with a lot of essential information about those keywords, for example:

What is the position of your site (or your competitor) in the results pages for those keywords?
What is the amount of traffic these words bring to your site?
What is the ratio of visits to your website from searches for the same keywords compared to the number of visits that competing sites receive?
How difficult it is to promote these keywords (measured according to a special semrush index).

Of course, you can get all these details for any specific keyword you want. But while many web developers choose Semrush for its keyword research, it has many other great capabilities.

The tool will show you your top competitor sites based on the keywords you are promoting. It will also scan your website and show you faults that you need to solve, On-Site SEO ratings of pages on your website, and many other data.

Even in external links, Smrash does a completely reasonable job. The tool will build a profile for you that will include the external links that direct surfers to your website throughout the network. It’s important to note that in this context, they do it less well than Ahrefs (perhaps even much less well) and crawl the web less deeply and accurately than in my experience.

Beyond that, there are also some other very nice things that the Semrush tool does. I am mainly referring to the features that Semrush introduced and will be very effective for web promoters who are responsible for the entire branding and advertising strategy of a particular brand or business.

like what? Semrush will track your mentions across social networks and the web will allow you to publish social posts through their tool and also find partnerships for external links.

How much does it cost?

Similar to Moz, SEMrush also works in the same way and provides a bundled SEO tool. This is a very convenient tool and saves a lot of time for those who wear several hats and do not only deal with SEO, or for those who promote their business’s website themselves.

Semrush is suitable for all website promoters, and especially for those who promote websites where it is very important to know which keywords to focus on such as online stores.

Semrush prices start at $99 per month (with monthly billing, with annual billing the price is $83).

The package with the lowest price is suitable for freelancers, start-ups, and in-house SEO promoters with low budgets. But for some reason, you won’t find pricing for the more advanced packages on the Semrush website.

In order to get a price quote for the wider packages of Semrush you will have to contact them.

which tool should you choose?

The problem we face in the world of SEO (and to tell the truth, in other areas as well) is not a lack of tools. The problem is actually the difficulty of SEO promoters to focus on quality and efficient tools that suit them and their needs.

Today there are quite a few tools for organic promotion that work in an All-in-One style, advanced and invested tools. And yet – you can see a lot of young promoters working with complex tools they don’t understand.

It is also possible to find many coefficients that work with so many different tools that they seem to work for the tools and not the other way around.

From the second past, you can also see seasoned promoters who insist on working with the same tools they know, refuse to advance to more efficient tools – and are left behind.

Each of the tools here has its own uniqueness and advantages.

Moz includes everything you need and is suitable for beginners and advanced alike, Ahrefs provides the best link profile on the market, semrush will allow you to take your keyword research a step further and each day offers a number of tools that no other system has and will also give you additional tools that are quite good and responsive Full of promoters in Google.

So that you don’t fall into the first trap or the second trap – I recommend you try and see what you connect with.

I believe that after an initial period of one or two months, you will connect to a certain tool more than another.

In the end, the four tools we talked about are high-quality, serious, and very professional tools, from the top that exists in the field.

But you are not only looking for the strongest tool that digs the deepest and knows the most, you are also looking for a tool that you want to work with, practical and accurate.

Take some time to experiment and experience for yourself, and try to understand which tool you like the most and which tool makes your work more comfortable and easier.

After you choose the tool you like, you can start learning it and become masters – and from there the path to the top of the results pages (and satisfied customers) is short.

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